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Geber Labs Got Certified as Web 3.0 Mentor by ConsenSys, the worldwide Expert on the subject.

This bootcamp will Train we 2.0 developers to become highly competent Web 3.0 developers.

The cohort of 2023 will commence in 15 January 2023.

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Bootcamp mentors

Learn from the best in the field

Adil Mezghouti

Adil mezghouti

at geber labs

Driss Mezghouti

Driss Mezghouti

at geber labs

Yassine Khaliqui

yassine Khaliqui

Software engineer
at Goldman sacks

Hussam Atif

Houssam Atif

software engineer
at Interactive Brokers


Sr. Devops Engineer



Bootcamp Goals

1- Train You to be able to design Decentralized apps.

2- Help you acquire the Soft skills and the right mindset needed to succeed as a web 3.0 developer.

3- Help you Build a personal brand as a web 3.0 expert by optimizing your presence in social media ( Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Github…)

4- Work with our partners Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and New Chainbase to serve China’s greater blockchain goals.

6 Mentors
Project Based Training
Weekly Meetups

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