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Our mentors have a long experience and deep expertise in their fields. They work with successful US companies and possess certificates from known institutions such as Oracle, Cloudera, and Consensys.

This Bootcamp will equip you with the tools necessary to become a successful Web 3 builder.

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Bootcamp mentors

Learn from the best in the field

Adil Mezghouti

Adil mezghouti

at geber labs

Driss Mezghouti

Driss Mezghouti

at geber labs

Yassine Khaliqui

yassine Khaliqui

Software engineer
at Goldman sacks

Hussam Atif

Houssam Atif

software engineer
at Interactive Brokers


Radouane Oumouma

Sr Data Streaming Engineer

Bootcamp Goals

1- Master Web2 and Web3 coding skills

2- Build a strong personal brand.

3- Build a leader/builder mindset

4- Build a global network on LinkedIn and Twitter to help you grow and uncover opportunities everywhere

5- Build a focused career plan

5 Mentors
Project Based Training
Weekly Meetups


During the code mavericks Bootcamp, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Adil MEZGHOUTI, I've learned a lot about blockchain technologies and I can testify that this internship gave me a lot of new experiences.
Younes Meskafe
Software Engineering Student
I would like to thank Geber Labs for the opportunity. The Bootcamp was well organized, and used the Agile methodology. The communication with the team members and the mentors was really great. Our mentors took the time to understand and help each one of the interns. Personally, I saw an immediate increase in my technical and communication skills.
Asmae Rhiati
Software Engineering Student
The guidance I was offered during the Boot Camp gave me the opportunity to learn not only about Web3 technologies and technical skills, but I also had the chance to develop my linguistic abilities. Also, Mr. Driss taught us self-management techniques, how we should act in the professional world, and most importantly, how to brand ourselves. Overall, I highly recommend Geber Labs Bootcamp.
Ali Ouazzani
Software Engineering Student
I have been part of the Code Maverick mentorship bootcamp for few months now and it was a game-changer for me. Adil was a fantastic mentor, always providing me with valuable advice and support and pushing me to reach my full potential. The program assisted me in developing my personal brand and gaining confidence in my career. I was able to land my dream job and start my career on the right foot. I am so grateful for everything this bootcamp has done for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to push their professional development to the next level.
Anas Iguer
Product Owner

beCOME A Web 3.0 Developer

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